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Martín Szyszlican

Argentina / Argentine
Technology coordinator at PODER in Mexico City, develops several free software and open-data based
tools for researchers and journalists to better understand the elites that capture the state in Mexico and
Latinamerica such as QuienEsQuien.wiki, TorreDeControl.org and MexicoLeaks.mx

Studied graphical design, anthropology, sociology, social comunications and decolonial thought, for lack
of a bacherlor’s degree. He specialized in usability and accesibility in the National Technology University
in Buenos Aires, where he became teacher of interaction design and two published papers on the topic.
He worked in several national and international companies as web developer before turnig to civic tech,
open data and social activism.

Martín was born in Argentina and lived in the extreme south for a few years, being a teenager, he
participated in student organizations, learned how to make websites at an early age and had a radio show.